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KC Iuno L4 Holster for Law Enforcement

The IUNO Holster is a 4-Level Holster especially made for LAW-Enforcement and has in total 4 Safety-Locks as follows:


  • LS3 Lock System 3: A further removable security system located on the back side of the SRT (Self Release Thumb Snap), which prevents the accidental opening of the rotating loop and the theft of the weapon.
  • SRT - Self release Thumb Snap: A fast and secure system of locking the rotating thumb snap. With a simple pressure of the thumb on the security lock, the rotating thumb snap rotates automatically releasing the weapon smoothly, improving also the speed of the extraction.
  • MLM Modular Lock Mechanism: A locking system which is activated at the moment of the insertion of the weapon in the holster preventing the theft. This System act on the trigger guard. With a simple, fast and instinctive pressure of the thumb, the lock system is immediately disactivated.
  • LS2 Lock System 2: A removable lever that is located under the handle of the arm which acts on the MLM Mechanism, if inserted allows a total block of the MLM System.

The IUNO holster comes with the patented rotating Belt Loop and ensures safe seating on operators medium position.

Holster available for following Pistol Models: Arsenal Firearms (Strike One), Beretta, Browning, Caracal, CZ, Glock, HK, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Tanfoglio & Walther

Available colors: Black, OD Green, White, Desert, Coyote Brown, Tan

Available for: Left & Right Hand

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