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Anti-Riot Suit KGLE105

Anti-riot suit KGLE105 is fire-repellent and used in intervention at protests, football-games or at unrest in prison-complexes. Our anti riot products are made of special strong plastic resistant to braking & impact.

Set includes:

  • Body Protector (Front & Back)
  • Ellbow Protectors
  • Thigh Protectors
  • Leg Protector
  • Gloves
  • Baton Holder
  • Carrying Bag
  • Helmet not included


  • Weight: 7.60 kg/set 
  • Material: High-performance engineering plastic + high molecular weight polythene fiber
  • Anti-Puncture: Subject to up to 20 J kinetic energy of puncture. Protection layer is not penetrated at knife point. 
  • Anti-Impact: Subject to the impact of 120 J kinetic energy, the protection layer is not damaged or broken. 
  • Strike power absorbing: Subject to 100 J kinetic energy strike at protection layer, the colloid clay impress does not excess 20 mm. 
  • Fire proof performance: After blazing sample for 10 seconds, taking off Bunsen burner, sustained combustion should be not more thean 10 seconds. 
  • Protection area: 1.08 m2  
  • Protected parts: Chest, back, up arm, forearm, side, shoulder, elbow, lap, knee, shin, head 


  • Plastic parts half inflammable and sock-resistant.
  • Plastic parts have been supported by a shock absorbing, shock-resistant material for extra protection purpose.
  • Adjustable rubber and snap fastening system are available for elasticity and comfortable fit

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