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Anti-Riot Suit KGLE104

Anti-riot suit KGLE104 is fire-repellent and used in intervention at protests, football-games etc. or at unrest in prison-complexes.

The set includes

  • Body Protector (front & back)
  • Ellbow Protectors
  • Thigh Protectors
  • Leg Protector
  • Baton-Holder
  • Gloves
  • Carrying Bag
  • Helmet not included


  • Size: For person's height of 165-190 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Temperature testing:Performance not affected at temeperatures between -20ºC and +55ºC
  • Resistance tapability:
    velcro > 7.2 N/cm2
    buckle > 500 N
    joints > 2000 N
  • Anti-stab testing: It can not be pierced when using a dagger to stab any point of the chest, back and groin parts of the anti-riot suit under 2000N of static pressure for 1 minute(≥ 20 J). 
  • Anti-wallop in the key parts: The anti-riot suit can not be damaged with any flaw when using a steel ball of 7.5 kg to impulse the chest and arms parts continuously from 163 cm height (≥ 20 J).
  • Anti-impact testing: The back and chest parts will be damaged by ≦ 2cm deepness by 100 J energy.

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