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Ballistic Vest KGROBO

NIJ - National Institute of Justice

Our Vest Model ROBO is made for concealed carry with ballistic protection Level III-A NIJ (0101.06 STD.) & Stab protection Level 1. All our concealed vests are made with the latest technology, are very comfortable to wear and are through our special ballsitic inserts highly ergonomic. Perfect for prrofessionals such as Federal Agents, Police Officers, Tax-Collecters, Security Guards and Close Protection Operators.


  • Protection level: IIIA NIJ (0101.06 STD.)
  • Protection: front, back and sides
  • Ballistic material: Aramid UD 234 g/m2
  • Outer shell material: Nylon 70D, TPU coated, water resistant and welded all around
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Sizes: S-XXL, max. extra size up to 5XL
  • Weight: ~ 2.5 kg (depends on vest size)
  • Upgrade of protection level to Level III/III+ or IV (by advance notice)
  • Comfortable and tight fitting

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